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How to Wear Saree

How to Wear Saree

The saree is a traditional cloths wear for Indian womens. Sari is a long piece of Fabric. Before womens puts on a saree she puts on short blouse & petticoat.

The Indian style of wearing Sari : (Follow below steps)

Step-1 : First Carefully hold the sarees around the waist ,with one end close the body.

Step-2 : Then take one end of the saree into the top of the petticoat & wrap it around once.

Step-3: Wrap it around again leaving a loop on one side . Fold the end into pleats.

Step-4: Carefully drape the pleated end across the left shoulder.

Step-5: In the centre front , Pleat the rest of the cloths.

Step-6: Tuck the pleats in the waist and you have finished.

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